Campus Shuttle

COVID related Shuttle policies: 

  • Masks are required to ride
  • No riders in the first two rows 
  • Please do not attempt to ride the Shuttle if you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, including fever
  • High-touch surfaces will be disinfected after each campus loop 


transloc app 

Stops not on the designated Campus Loop can be made upon request, please allow flexibility in loop schedule due to traffic patterns and requests. The Shuttle runs by the Academic Calendar and inclement weather policy, when administrative offices are closed or classes are cancelled the Shuttle will not be in service. The shuttle does not run from 12-12:45pm Monday - Thursday, and completes a Walmart run to Middlesboro every Friday from noon-1:00pm. Please be advised the Shuttle may be out of service for maintenance or driver illness, check TransLoc and MyLMU Announcements for schedule changes. 


Shuttle Driver: Allan Wright