Health Care Experience Requirements & Community Service

LMU-Knoxville PA Program

Application/Admission Requirements Related to Prior Health Care Experience 

Health Care Experience Requirements

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Program has decided to waive all health care experience requirements for the PA 2022 student cohort (expected to matriculate October 1, 2020) and the PA 2023 student cohort (CASPA cycle opens April 2020). 

  • Health care experience is required. Health care experience includes patient care (direct and/or indirect) and shadowing. Any health care experience hours acquired greater than 4 years prior to application are not considered.   
  • Applicants must complete and provide verification of a minimum of 160 hours of patient care experience by March 31st of the year of matriculation. Patient care experience may be volunteer or paid. Hours spent in direct and partial patient care are acceptable; however, only the actual hours providing patient care is considered. Patient care experience acquired in a training program is not considered. Applicants who provide evidence of more than one type of patient care experience are given preference (each setting must have a minimum of 24 hours to qualify as a different type).
  • Direct patient care: Applicant provided hands-on patient care. This includes activities such as patient assessment, providing basic life support, assisting in surgery, and delivering prescribed therapies. This does not include activities such as patient or specimen transport, scribing for a provider, or clerical duties. Examples include but are not limited to the following:
    • Military corpsman
    • Surgical technologist
    • Nurse (all levels)
    • Athletic trainer
    • Physical therapy assistant
    • Occupational therapy assistant
    • Respiratory therapist
    • Paramedic, emergency medical technician
    • Patient care assistant
  • Partial patient care: Applicant provided ancillary support for direct patient care. This does not include activities such as preparation of the operating room, patient or specimen transport, or clerical duties. Examples include but are not limited to the following:
    • Radiology, ultrasound technician
    • ECG technician
    • Phlebotomist
    • Medical technologist
    • Pharmacy technician
    • Medical scribe (must be on-site directly assisting a health care provider)
    • Hospice volunteer
  • Applicants must complete and provide verification of a minimum of 24 hours shadowing a PA, MD or DO with the supplemental application.  *These hours must be completed by direct observation of a PA, MD or DO.

Community Service 

Volunteer service to one’s community demonstrates an attitude of civic responsibility and ownership of community welfare. It also offers an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the personal and experiential similarities and differences within the community. Although not required for application or admission, applicants with evidence of prior community service will be given preference.