Knoxille Physician Assistant Program


The Program is a full-time cohort program completed over seven semesters in 27 months leading to a Master of Medical Science (MMS) in Physician Assistant Studies.  The curriculum includes a blend of learning activities such as traditional lecture, e-learning modules, small group discussion of patient cases, simulated patient encounters (human and manikin), patient assessment and clinical skills laboratory sessions, and cadaver anatomy laboratory sessions with clinical application provided by community health care professionals in surgical and acute care clinical practice. During the classroom (Didactic) phase, topics covered in the Principles of Clinical Medicine courses are sequenced with topics covered in the Clinically Oriented Anatomy and Dissection courses and the Patient Assessment and Clinical Skills courses. 

The Program also places an emphasis on concepts critical for safe and effective care of patients in surgical and acute care settings such as pre-operative patient assessment, physiologic changes that occur during surgery, documentation of surgical procedures, and identification and management of surgical complications. During Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences (SCPEs) in the Clinical Phase, students apply concepts learned in the Didactic Phase to novel patient encounters in primary care and surgical disciplines.  Three (3) SCPEs may be completed in surgical and/or acute care disciplines offered by the Program. This provides students with an opportunity to “customize” part of the Clinical Phase experience to meet their professional goals.    

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