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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Bookstore LMU Bookstore 423.869.6306 Student Center nathan.adkins@lmunet.edu
Booth, Ted Director of Career Services, Instructor of History and Religion 423.869.6017 Grant Lee 105 teddy.booth@LMUnet.edu
Combs, Lila  Director, Student Support Services 423.869.6213 Finley Learning Resources Center lila.combs@LMUnet.edu
Dean, Jordan  Shuttle Driver 423.869.7166 Tex Turner Arena jordan.dean02@LMUnet.edu
Donahue, Jeremy Student Services Associate/Cross Country Coach 423.869.6228 Student Center jeremy.donahue@LMUnet.edu
Farmer, Evelyn  Assistant Director of Housing 423.869.7178 University Inn  evelyn.farmer@LMUnet.edu
Kishpaugh, Jason

Director of Counseling

423.869.6401 Grant Lee 102 jason.kishpaugh@LMUnet.edu
Lasley, Greg  Advisor, Student Support Services  423.869.6209 Finley Learning Resources Center greg.lasley@LMUnet.edu
Leslie, Renee Director of Aquatic Services 423.869.6243 DAR 308 renee.leslie@LMUnet.edu
Sabbatini, Robert  Dean of Students 423.869.6849 DAR 218 robert.sabbatini@LMUnet.edu
Spurlock, Amy Counselor 423.869.6014   amy.spurlock@LMUnet.edu
Stowe, Rick  Director of Student Life 423.869.6811 Student Center 3rd Floor rick.stowe@LMUnet.edu
Thacker, Larry Associate Dean of Students 423.869.6433 DAR 216 larry.thacker@LMUnet.edu
Wilson, Ashley

Tutorial Coordinator, Student Support Services

423.869.6440 Finley Learning Resources Center ashley.wilson03@LMUnet.edu