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Financial Aid

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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Financial Aid Office Financial Aid, Front Desk 423.869.6336 D.A.R 111 finaid@lmunet.edu
Disney, April  Financial Aid Specialist 423.869.6491 D.A.R.  april.disney@LMUnet.edu
Erslan, Bryan  Executive Director of Financial Aid 423.869.6465 D.A.R. bryan.erslan@LMUnet.edu
Flowers, Cindy  Coordinator, Financial Aid Operations 423.869.6309 D.A.R. cindy.flowers@LMUnet.edu
Lincoln, Laci

Financial Aid Representative

423.869.6336 D.A.R. laci.lincoln@LMUnet.edu
Luntsford, Carol Graduate Financial Aid Officer 423.869.7169 D.A.R.  carol.luntsford@LMUnet.edu
Robbins, Chad  Financial Aid Officer  423.869.6824 D.A.R. chad.robbins@LMUnet.edu
Saylor, Sandra  Assistant Coordinator of Financial Aid Operations 423.869.6388 D.A.R. sandra.saylor@LMUnet.edu
Scent, Jonah Financial Aid Officer  423.869.6274 D.A.R. jonah.scent@LMUnet.edu
Yeary-Hembree, Marcia Graduate Financial Aid Officer/Work Study Coordinator 423.869.6451 D.A.R. marcia.yeary-hembree@LMUnet.edu