Kayla Morgan


Sometimes a golden morning is as a bright welcome;
Other times it is a slap in the face.
Maybe if Mother Nature would decide
what she wanted,
This whole universe would be better off.
Many beings consider snow in the ground
to be a luxury;
I, for one, don’t comprehend the importance.
If a red and yellow leaf was all it took
to call a tree beautiful,
Why not make it beautiful year round?
Apparently someone knows the answer to
these questions,
These questions that burn like a metal rod in a
pit of fire.
Dew on the ground is a welcomed sign
of early morning;
However, for me it is nature’s laughter in my face.
Another day is beginning, despite the fact that
I wished it never would,
For the world has once again beaten me to the prize.
Maybe on one of these beloved days,
it will all go away.
The again, maybe we will get lucky and
it will remain infinitively.