Blakely Jones


I'm alive, I am thinking
Alone I feel that I am sinking
Speaking on the phone
Fearing most of what’s unknown
Cold plastic on my ear
Warming up the more I hear
189 miles apart
Not quite sure how to start
My mind and heart argue together
An attraction found as strong as leather
Dialing the phone night after night
Enjoying this time more than daylight
Listening closely to every word
I hope this doesn’t sound too absurd
Like I said I cannot write
I’ve said this before the sun came up that night
For you I will at least try
Even though I am quite shy
Laughing all night it would seem
Hoping not to wake from this incredible dream

Crush me up

Crush me up, place me in a line
Burrowing deep within your mind
Dropping from the sky like rain of a cloud
Your thoughts follow me into the depth of the crowd
Behavior confusing but personality content
I’m not so sure if this was meant
Take this drug, it’s far above
What is this? It’s a thing called love.