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Journey to Pharmacy School: Prepping for the PCAT (Part 1)

by Mallory Tucker

Well, the countdown to my PCAT testing date has officially reached the less-than-a-month-left point! I’m getting so excited and nervous all at the same time. I’ve been studying hard so far this summer and I did pretty well on the first full-length practice test I took, so I’m hoping my hard work leaves me feeling prepared and confident when the day finally comes. This week, I thought I’d tell you a little more in detail about the PCAT, from the structure and format of the test to the way that it’s graded, as well as how to get signed up for it.
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The Fault in Our Blogs

by Chelsea Robertson

My whole life has been affected in one way or another by my love for books. As an only child who was rather shy and who didn't have many friends outside of school, one of my favorite things to do was clean and reorganize the little bookshelf I had in my room. I only had a few dozen books back then but they were my most favorite possessions. Girls my age at the time were obsessed with horses and dolls; I was obsessed with books. I loved to read so much that I quickly figured out how to read and walk at the same time. It seemed like a waste of precious time to simply walk places- I could also squeeze in one more precious page, sentence, or word. Looking back, I think I was always  meant to be an English major!
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"Vetting" The Field, Part 1

by Julie White

My past two posts have been about gaining valuable animal experience for your veterinary school application (see It's All About The Animals Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven't read them!). Now, it's time for veterinary experience! After talking to some other members of the LMU-CVM Inaugural Class of 2018, I realized how incredibly varied and unique each of our experiences are.
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Kanto Program

Once each year, a group of 40-70 students from Japan come to visit LMU and reside on our campus, where they engage in rigorous, immersive English studies and a dynamic extracurricular cultural program that exposes them to the richness of the culture of our Appalachian region. This blog is a collection of memories from their time at LMU.


Women's Health

Dr. Shields is currently a full-time faculty member at LMU-DCOM where she teaches and practices family medicine serving the people of Appalachia. Her blog deals with any and all medical information pertaining to women's health.
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