Accessible Education Services

ACCESSIBLE EDUCATION SERVICES (formerly Disability Services)

The Program will attempt, to the best of its ability, to develop mechanisms by which otherwise qualified applicants for admission and enrolled students can be accommodated; however, the integrity of the curriculum and the need to provide optimal patient care must be maintained in order to ensure that all parts of the Program’s curriculum are delivered to all students.  Clinical affiliates that provide supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs) during the Clinical Phase expect students to perform their duties in a timely manner as such ability is a critical and essential part of patient care.  Therefore, extra time will not be granted to students during assessments of physical examination skills and clinical procedures, clinical scenarios involving human and manikin simulation, and completion of patient care duties during SCPEs.  Similarly, the use of trained intermediaries will not be approved in the assessments listed above and in SCPEs. 


Students are responsible for requesting services.  Accessible educational support services are administered by the Office of Accessible Education Services (