Graduate Assistantship

Each year Lincoln Memorial University offers a limited number of graduate assistantship positions when funding is available. When a graduate assistantship is well-conceived and executed, it serves as an ideal instrument to facilitate progress toward a graduate degree while assisting with expenses.


  • Before applying for a graduate assistantship, an applicant must have applied for enrollment in a graduate program. All requirements for admission to degree candidacy must be completed before a graduate assistantship position can be awarded.
  • To apply for a graduate assistantship, students must thoroughly read the Graduate Assistant Handbook, complete the application (found here), and submit three character reference letters (non-relative) to the Office of Academic Services and Institutional Effectiveness (Grant-Lee Hall 109). Letters must be signed by the person providing the reference or be sent to from the person’s email address.
  • Academic or University departments seeking graduate assistants will review applications and conduct interviews. Students will be contacted if a department wishes to interview them for an open position.
  • The Office of Academic Services and Institutional Effectiveness will issue an award letter to each student receiving a graduate assistantship. The letter must be signed by all parties before the student can begin work.