Student Awards

QEP Information Literacy Awards


The QEP Excellence in Writing and Information Literacy Award 

This award is given to undergraduate students from any discipline who demonstrate excellent writing and information literacy skills. In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the assignment and earning a good grade, these papers display an “extra something” that reflects the student has taken the time to craft an excellent piece of scholarly writing which integrates and synthesizes research from their disciplinary literature with their own original insight. This is what information literacy is all about. As such, we present them here on the CTLE as models for current and future students and testaments to the quality work of which LMU students are capable.

Award Winners, 2013-2014

Morgan Buda, Biology
"Herpes Zoster Effects and Vaccinations"

Luke Butler, Business
"How to Achieve Effective Group Decision Making"

Angelia Jarstfer, Business
"A Whole New World: China, Social Media, and International Business"

Addison Middaugh, Business
"A Review and Analysis on the Social Aspects of Group Decision-Making"

Sarah Wilson, Biology
"Causes of Cardiac Troponin Elevation"

Award Winners, 2012-2013

Sarah Barnett, History
“The First Conspiracy of Catiline”

Natalie Campbell, Biology
“The Role of Platelet Physiology in the Pathogenesis of Severe (Complicated) Malaria“

Haley Effler, Business
“The Importance of the Hiring Process“

Marcus Jones, History
“The Shawnee”

Kathryn Lariviere, Education
“Reading: The Foundation for Success”

Hollie Singleton, English
“Savagery and Animalistic Dispositions in Between the Acts”

Amber Tolley, Psychology
“Conformity: Drug and Alcohol Abuse within Adolescent Communities”