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Appalachian Development Studies

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The Appalachian Development Studies program offers students a choice of four different tracks, each built on a solid core of classes designed to orient the student to Appalachia's unique history, geography, music, literature and social ways. Tracks offered include heritage perseveration, environmental management which features a course in geographic information systems, entrepreneurship and eco tourism development. This program was designed for the student who wants to make a difference right here at home.

Course Information

See the University Catalog for course information.


The core classes are offered as an eighteen-hour minor.

Course Information

Appalachian Core (21 hours)
GEOG 440 Geography of Appalachia (3)
ENGL 330 Applachian Literature (3)
HIST 370 History of Appalachia (3)*
ART 400 Appalachian Visual Art (3)*
MUSC 300 Music of Appalachia (3)*
GEOG 450 Community Development in Appalachia (3)
GEOG 498 Internship (3)*

Select one of the following four concentrations

Environmental Management (15 hours)
BIOL 370 Land Use and Environmental Analysis (3)
ENVS 400 Appalachian Ecology (3)*
ENVS 410 Appalachian Environmental Problems and Ecological Solutions (3)*
ENVS 420 Geographic Information Systems (3)*
Elective (3) 300/400 level science course or GEOG 300 Environmental Geog. (3)

Entrepreneurship (15 hours)
MGMT 300 Management Theory (3)
MKTG 300 Marketing Theory (Prerequisites ECON 211 and 212) (3)
ECON 440 Managerial Economics (Prerequisites ECON 211 and 212 (3)
MGMT 440 Entrepreneurship (3)
Elective course (3) 300/400 level business, economics, finance or management

Heritage Preservation (15 hours)
HIST 320 History of Tennessee (3)
HIST 390 Issues in Collection Management (3)
HIST 480 Historical Methods (3)
HIST 490 Museum Interpretation (3)
HIST 498 Internship in Museum Studies (3) (Does not substitute for GEOG 498)

Eco and Heritage Tourism Development (18 hours selected from the above three tracks (Heritage Preservation, Entrepreneurship and Environmental Management)
*New courses

Internship Opportunities

Internships are required to graduate. They are arranged with the student's career choice in mind. For instance, if the student is interested in the Park Service, an internship will be arranged at the Cumberland Gap National Park.

Internship Sites

Claiborne County Courthouse
Claiborne County Chamber of Commerce
The Wilderness Trail Corridor Alliance
The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum
The Museum of Appalachia
The Cumberland Gap National Park
Big Stone Gap State Park

Career Opportunities

Depending on the area of concentration, graduates may elect careers in natural resource management, tourism and recreation based occupations at the local, county, or state level as well as in various organizations in the private sector, including municipal and county Chambers of Commerce. Those graduates with interests in heritage preservation may also find employment as a state or national park ranger, an archivist, museum curator or in secondary teaching, provided that all education courses are taken and the Praxis exam is successfully passed.